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Evaluation scale for psychological skills in golf (PsyHCP-test)

The one-line test consists of ten psychic skills. Each skill is assessed on its own sub-scale. On a partial scale, the skills are concretized into practical game situations. They include the most important psychic skills especially needed for golf: self-confidence, imagination/visualisation, focusing, relaxing, controlling fear, activation, flow, planning, social skills and enjoyment of golf.
As a result of the test, the player finds out his own psychic skills as a profile and psychic leveling (PsyHCP). He can compare his psychic leveling to his own precise leveling (HCP), which tells the player's current playing skills. By comparison, the player can see how well his psychic skills match his performance. From the profile of her psychic skills, she finds out what skills are at a good level and what skills should be practiced.

The player can also compare his/her own skill level with that of other players. The reference material currently consists of the results of nearly 1,000 players. The PsyHCP test has been developed for several years. The research and development work of the test will continue.

Price: 20 euros (plus VAT)

PsyHCP-test is one-line test. Buy now button directs you to PayPal payment. The test will start straight after payment so pay when you are able to start the test immediately.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also pay with credit card with Pay with a credit card option.

DEMO-test from Evaluation scale for psychological skills in golf (PsyHCP-test)

This demo version consists of three key psychological skills that are involved in a round of golf. Each skill is evaluated by means of its own subscale. You can get a score from 0 to 36 on each subscale. The scoring follows a style that is familiar from golf HCP scoring: the lower the score, the better the skill in question.

The skills measured in DEMO-test are: Self-confidence, imagination and focusing. 

DEMO-test is free! 

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